Electronic PDF Delivered via e-mail* Paper Copy Delivered via Mail Paper Copy Delivered via Express Delivery
Number of transcripts allotted per recipient 1 10 10
Cost per transcript $10 $15 $15
Additional Fees None None $35 domestic
$55 international per Express Delivery recipient
Average processing time
(8:00am-5:00pm, M-F)
Same or 1 business day** Prepared for mailing within 1-2 business days** Prepared for mailing within 1-2 business days**
Anticipated speed of delivery (once the request has been processed) Same or 1 business day Based on USPS guidelines, first-class mail is expected to be delivered to US addresses within 10 "business" days. There is no way to determine mail delivery time for international mail. Priority overnight (domestic)
Priority international

Consult the Federal Express or UPS website for estimated shipping time
* Electronic PDF option is unavailable to students with enrollment prior to Fall 1965.

**A transcript order is complete only AFTER the order has been submitted online and your signed authorization and payment have been received. In addition, there are some records that require a one-time validation before a transcript can be submitted, which can take up to one business day to finalize.

Note: If you have a special form that needs to be attached to a transcript delivered via mail or Express Delivery, include the form with your signed authorization page.