Welcome to the Indiana University Bloomington Transcript Request System. This system is intended to simplify the process when requesting official transcripts via fax or mail.

This system involves two main steps:

1. You begin by selecting standard processing or premium fax out service. Once you have provided your identifying information and transcript request details, you will be given the opportunity to review/edit your request before proceeding to the payment options.

2. The final step is the most important step in this process. Since your signed authorization is required before your transcript can be issued, you will be required to print the authorization page, sign it, and submit it to our office before we can begin processing your request.

Before selecting an option below:

  • Be sure all financial obligations to the university are clear/current. This includes your account with the Bursar (812) 855-2636, Student Loan Administration (812) 855-4511, or the Dean of Students/Greek Housing (812) 855-8187. If we encounter any financial holds, your request will be cancelled.
  • We will use the e-mail address you provide to communicate the status of your request. If you choose to pay by credit card, an e-mail address will be required.
What is a Standard Request by Fax or Mail? What is a Premium Fax-Out Request?